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A quick introduction

A quick introduction of using Git and GitHub showing how to record your work with Git and connect with GitHub.

A typical Git/GitHub workflow

A short video presenting a typical Git/GitHub workflow based on the most used Git commands.

GitHub Quickstart guide

Despite its name, this Quickstart guide contains a lot of information about Git and GitHub. To go to the essential only:

Official Git Documentation

Git User Manual


Git cheatsheet

Git cheatsheet for SVN users

Git cheatsheet for advanced users

Graphical clients and IDE

Interacting with Git can be a lot easier through GUIs or an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) rather than remembering a list of commands for the command-line.

VS Code: the best Integrated Development Environment (IDE) tool currently. It includes full coding support for about all coding languages, including Fortran. It integrates with Git, GitHub, BitBucket and GitLab through various extensions.

SourceTree: A free powerful GUI for Git on Mac and Windows.

Other GUIs: A list of GUIs for Git from the Git documentation.